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The 5 Steps of Effective Goal Setting [Infographic]

TGIF! I suppose everyone’s excited for the weekend. I am too. But it’s still Friday, so I’d like to share with you the 5 steps of good goal setting.


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Setting goals is an essential part of succeeding in your UK small business endeavours. It’s like a roadmap, guiding you to your destination, and through the path you need to take to get there. Goals also make you more efficient in achieving what you want in life. Knowing that, effective goal setting should be a habit for you. And to help you with it, this infographic outlines the five steps you need to take.


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So, to set goals effectively, just follow these steps. First is finding what you want in life, because ultimately, that’s your destination.

Next is breaking it down to smaller parts, just to make the goals more manageable. Make those goals as specific as possible, and make them quantifiable as well. For example, “get started with a T-shirt printing business by November of this year”.

Then comes making short-term goals. You should be able to achieve them within a year, at most. This will give you targets to hit, and they will motivate you to work towards achieving what you want in life. Such goals are also easier to hit, because of the shorter time frame.

It’s good to push yourself and test your limits, but don’t neglect being realistic. Setting goals that are really not attainable will only make you frustrated. Of course, that doesn’t mean setting goals that are far too easy. Challenge yourself enough, but don’t force yourself to do the impossible.

Last but not the least, be flexible with your goals. Once you hit more and more of your targets, set the bar higher. Think bigger, and aim for something better. Success is a continuous process, so keep on climbing the ladder. Don’t settle for “just that”.


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