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Failure is not Final!

Almost everyone has a fear of failing. It smears your track record, and it tarnishes your reputation. And of course, it makes you feel quite bad for yourself. But what if you thought of failure in a different way?


What if you thought of failure as a stepping stone for success?

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John Maxwell details this quite well in his book Failing Forward. Rather than make your failures convince you to give up, turn them into helpful learning experiences. Sure, they may pull you down, but you should not let them bring you down altogether. If you fall, pick yourself up again, and move on.


Failures are learnings.

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Whenever you fail, you also learn something valuable from it. It’s all a matter of perspective, and of not giving into the negative emotion. Think of the time you were learning how to drive: chances are you’ve hit something, which either scratched the car or put a proper dent on it. Sure, it made you feel bad. But then, it gave you a hard lesson in being a more careful driver.

Many people learn best when they learn the hard way. The effect of a failure sticks to your mind so much so that in the future you won’t make the same mistake. The flurry of negative emotion brought about by the experience of failing is a constant reminder for you to do better next time. Or else, you’ll feel much worse.


Hard lessons, once ingrained, are even harder to forget.

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This can only mean one thing: you won’t be likely to commit the same mistakes again the next time around. You’ll strive to do better and be better. In turn, you have grown in character. You have learned what not to do, which in turn will make you figure out what you should do.


Failure should not pull you back. Instead, it should push you forward.


As a side note, many failures can be prevented just through good time management. Need help? Watch this video for some tips.


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