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Financing Your New UK Small Business [Infographic]

Our Wednesday Infographic today is all about how to finance your new UK small business. This includes determining your budget, finding a source of funds, and even saving for a rainy day.

In any business venture, you need capital. Knowing that, the question now is how much you need, and where you’ll get the money. If you happen to have these questions in mind, this is for you. The infographic below shows you how to go about financing your new UK small business in 3 steps.


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There you have it. The most important part is the planning, because once you go look for funding, you’ll find it harder to make changes then. It’s also good practise to overestimate on costs, since it’s a lot better to have some extra capital than to not have enough. And equally important is having an insurance policy. You’ll never know when crisis will hit, so it pays to save for a rainy day. Don’t think of this as an expense; rather, consider it part of your regular savings routine.

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