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4 “How” Questions To Ask When Finding an Affiliate Marketing Niche [Infographic]

Even in affiliate marketing, finding a niche is still an important first step. But if you’ve visited any affiliate marketplace, such as that of Clickbank UK, you’ll find a lot of different categories for products, and thus a lot of possible affiliate marketing niches.

You may then be wondering if there are any guidelines to find the right niche for you. Good news for you: yes, there are. Start by asking yourself these 4 “how” questions.


UK affiliate marketing niche


Perhaps the most important question to ask is the 4th one: are there any affiliate programmes for this niche? Because if not, you can’t earn from it as an affiliate, of course. If you already have a few ideas, scrutinise them using these questions. See how they hold up, and choose the best one.

Once you have found the best affiliate marketing niche, what’s next? There are 4 other steps to take.


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