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Get Started With Affiliate Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money online in the UK. Not only that; it can also earn you passive income. You practically don’t have to work once your affiliate links are up and running.

I’ve shown you the basics behind it before; now, I’ll give you five easy steps on how to start making money online as an affiliate.

1. Choose a Niche

Again, the first and most important part here, as with any business, is to find a niche. It should be a field that you’re good at or something you are highly interested in. For example, let’s say you’re a graphic designer. In that case, you could choose niches like design software, or online courses for designers. Being in a niche where you’re comfortable makes it a lot easier to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

find the best niche

You should also be able to produce great content for your niche, such as blog posts or infographics. Contributing valuable content to the community gives you a solid reputation, and for that reason, people will trust you more.

One important thing to note here, however, is that not all niches are profitable for affiliate marketers. A post in the Affilorama website describes some possible issues: First, some niches may have too stiff competition, which impedes your entry. Second, some niches may not even have affiliate programmes available in the first place. Lastly, other niches may have products that have only low demand. With that in mind, consider these factors as well when you do your research. Remember that your end goal is to earn money from the products you endorse.

2. Choose Good Merchants

As an affiliate, you are not the person directly selling the product. But even without that direct connection to the product, it pays to choose sellers that are legitimate and have good reputations. You certainly wouldn’t want to get involved with scammers or sellers of fake products. You also would not want to be involved with sellers having a lot of dissatisfied customers. If you do, your credibility suffers as well.

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Online marketplaces are good starting points. One such marketplace is Clickbank, which offers a wide range of products that affiliates can promote. Clickbank also has a reputable affiliate program, and it offers detailed statistics about each product. These statistics help affiliates make informed choices of what products to promote.

3. Choose Good Products

Pick products that offer high commissions, have good reviews, and high demand. For digital products, like ebooks and software, it’s typical for sellers to offer commissions of 50% or more, since they’re easy to distribute and there isn’t any mass-production cost.  Also it’s important that customers speak highly of the products, because good reviews influence sales a lot. Additionally, the demand must be high enough so that you can earn significantly from the commissions.

find the best niche

Here’s one common mistake to avoid, though, as mentioned in a post in Tips and Tricks HQ: Some affiliate marketers tend to promote far too many products, and that can be hard to manage. Instead of playing the numbers game, it’s better to choose only a few products that your clients value a lot.

One good thing about having only a few products is that you can study them more, and in turn you can market them more effectively. You can write opinion posts using your in-depth knowledge about the products. You can even do product reviews to further convince your clients that it’s worth buying. You may also do comparisons with competing products and highlight any advantages that your product has.

With all of this valuable additional information that you provide to your clients, they will be more convinced to buy the products you promote. Moreover, they’re assured that they’re making informed purchasing decisions, and that’s a big plus for your reputation.

4. Promote on Different Platforms

Although the main platform in which to perform affiliate marketing is your website, there are other sources of traffic as well. Making use of them will maximise your earnings from affiliate marketing.

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Take advantage of social media, especially if you have a big following. Promote your products generously, but don’t spam. And make sure that your social media promotions relevant and relatable, because that’s what people want. Simply saying “buy now” with a description of a product simply won’t do. Instead, create posts that people have a reason to click on and explore further. Relate it to the latest trends in your niche, or take advantage of social influencers in your niche if you have access to them.

You may also use your email list. If you already have a number of email subscribers, integrate your affiliate links into your regular email updates. Again, make sure it’s relevant to the topic of each email update. Don’t hard-sell; otherwise, people most likely will unsubscribe. Make the affiliate promotion seem like a natural part of the content of the email.

Investing in paid advertising can significantly build traffic as well. You may use social media adverts, which tend to be cheaper. Also, Google AdWords can be useful: with it, you can run adverts that point to your affiliate links. But this can be risky, as you may lose money if your ad campaign turns out to be ineffective. Neil Patel, a top web influencer, mentions in one of his blog posts, “only do [paid adverts] once you have a way of making back your money.”

5. Track Analytics, and Improve Where Needed

Track your conversion rates, revenues, commissions, traffic sources, and other data. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you could change your affiliate marketing strategy. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all marketing campaign that works for everyone. It depends on what products you’re promoting and your niche, to name a few things. Just try out new strategies and compare the results. Eventually, you’ll find a technique that works best for you.

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Another prudent thing to do is to monitor the demand for the products. If a big drop in demand occurs, then you may want to choose a different product. If demand increases, then you could focus your affiliate marketing campaign more on that product.

Monitoring your results is crucial in staying on top of your game. The more you improve your methods, the more you will earn.

As a final note, there is absolutely no such thing as easy money. Affiliate marketing is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme; it takes time to earn a lot from it. But if you’re willing to make the effort to study the market, find the best products, and formulate the best marketing strategy, affiliate marketing will work for you, and you certainly can make money from it.

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