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Getting Velocity in Your Home Based Business

Getting Velocity in Your Home Based Business

When you have laser-focus on your home based business goals you will achieve your goals that much faster. If you focus only half your time on things that are not in line with your goal….it will take you twice as long to achieve your goal.

But it gets worse than that.

Because focussing and achieving your goals builds velocity in your business

Meaning that the faster you gain traction for achieving your goal, the faster you achieve your goal, and the better the chance that actually does achieve it.

I hear people say things like “I really want to achieve (fill in the blank)” but there are things I can’t control that get in the way.

Those ‘things’ could be emails, texts, phone calls, your partner needs something, your kids need something.

Well, kids are almost the exception, they have no boundaries so they scream incessantly if they don’t get their way…and on and on.

But look, your goals have to be more important than those interruptions. If they are, you will do whatever it takes to avoid those interruptions.

You know the saying right’ ‘action speaks louder than words’.

You see, what you spend your time on is what is important to you.

I am sure some of you may be in real critical careers; you may be an emergency first responder so you have to check your messages when on call.  But even if you are, you have off time – right?

‘But Peter, I have to spend time with my kids, with my partner.’

Yes, you do, but isn’t it be better to spend 2 quality hours with them where you’re totally focussed on them, than spend 8 hours telling them to go away because they are interrupting you?

Wouldn’t it better to find ways to develop boundaries with your children and partner thereby spending MORE quality time with them?

Remember this…success is your choice. If whatever you are currently spending time on is more important than success…keep doing it.

But if you really want success, and you are committed to your home based business, isn’t it better to figure out how to deal with all the things that are getting in the way of your success?

The distraction of answering every email as it comes in keephome based businesss you from scaling operations to generate hundreds of thousands of subscribers instead of hundreds.

The distraction of answering every email that comes in keeps you from starting your new home based businesses, new websites, writing new emails, writing new books, creating new training.

So the question is…how important is it to you?

How important is success to you?

Is it important enough to choose to spend your time on things that matter?

What is holding you back?

What is eating away at your time?

Are you willing to go through the rest of your life allowing that “time eater” to control you, or are you going to make a change and choose what you focus on?

Being successful is so much more than just “time management” or  “writing a to-do list” or “eliminating distractions”.

It’s about choosing what you want to succeed at, and simply achieving your dreams – YOUR dreams, not the consequences of your decision to just keep allowing the things that detract and distract, to continue to run your life.

How important are your goals and your dreams?

Are you strong enough to make the hard choices – and follow through – to accomplish that dream?

I hope you are.

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