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3 Reasons To Give Your Hardworking Self a Break

Let’s face it: running your own online business is hard work. Whether it’s selling, affiliate marketing, or freelancing, it can be tough. Especially because you often have to do all of the work yourself.

Working hard to achieve your goals is a good thing, certainly. Doing so will let you realise your dreams faster. Being industrious builds your business and makes you money.

But you can only push yourself so far. We are all human beings, not robots. We cannot work tirelessly and not need any rest.

If you’re a person who works hard on your online business to achieve what you want in life, then you deserve a break once in a while.

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And no, it isn’t being lazy. It’s just keeping yourself healthy. I’ll even give you 3 reasons why giving yourself a break is good.

1.  It calms your mind

Taking a rest every now and then keeps your mind healthy. In other words, it keeps you sane. Imagine how much it would drive you crazy if you keep on working hard every single day for a whole month without resting. For some, that would even drive them to just give up.

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So, when things are getting particularly stressful, why not give yourself a break? Get away from work for a while. Relax. Go to a place away from the city, maybe. If it’s your cup of tea, go to the beach. Have fun and unwind. Or if you’re not into travelling far, something as simple as taking a walk in the park will do. If you’re a bookworm, take your favourite book with you to your go-to coffee shop. Anything to relax your mind.


2.  It calms your body

It’s not only your mind at work when running an online business; your body plays a big part as well. And when your mind is tired, your body would feel tired as well. Even if you just sit in front of a computer for most of your time running, say, an affiliate marketing business, you can still feel stressed.

In fact, prolonged hours of sitting down does have negative effects on your body. Business Insider lists 14 bad effects of long hours of sitting, and these include increased risks of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Also, slouching and bad posture can contribute to spinal cord damage, which in turn would cause pains in the back and the neck.

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For the sake of your physical health, why not give yourself a break? Like what I said above, taking a walk in the park or taking a dip in the beach would be a big help.

You can even do it in between your working hours. Just stand up and walk around the house every hour. Maybe do a little stretching to go along with it. Even these simple exercises done regularly already help keep the back pain and neck pain away.


3.  It gives you a fresh perspective

Have you ever encountered a problem you almost could not solve? I’m sure you all have those moments when you can’t figure out what you need to do. And it seems that the harder you think about it, the more the problem gets worse.

If that ever bothers you, why not give yourself a break? You can do the same things I mentioned before. The best part is, you may stumble upon the solution while you’re relaxing! Now isn’t that nice to hit two birds with one stone?

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People who play a lot of video games know this too well. Whenever they get stuck on a level they can’t beat, trying harder will only make them fail more. But once they take a break, and come back to the same level after a few hours, they’d be surprised at how easily they beat the level. All it takes is some calm and less tension.

When your mind and body are relaxed, you can come up with the best ideas. And if you have some refreshing scenery around you, the more those great ideas will come about.


Certainly that convinced you that really, it’s good to take a break. As long as you use your time wisely, resting isn’t laziness. In fact, it even boosts your productivity. Again, you’re a person, not a machine. Only machines can work tirelessly. So, if you’re a person who works hard to meet your goals, you deserve a break once in a while. Treat yourself well.


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