Why is it a Good Idea to Write Things Down?

Do you ever get those spontaneous ideas whenever you’re doing something else? Like while taking a walk, while eating breakfast, or even while queuing at the grocers? I’m sure everyone has had those moments. You get those great ideas popping into your head, but it only lasts for a moment. They then pop out of existence as fast as they popped in.

Such a shame. Those ideas may have been something of great value. Those ideas could even make you money. But they’re gone now, forever lost in the stream of thoughts that just come and go. They’re like bubbles, ready to pop and disappear anytime.

How can you keep those ideas?

Simple. Write them down. This is why I recommended before to always bring a notebook and pen with you, wherever you go. That way, if a great idea comes to mind, you can keep a record of it right away. You can then forget the idea for now; once it’s in your notebook, you can always go back to it later on.

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While our brains are good at storing information, they’re much better at processing information.

You should not rely on your brain too much for storage. While it’s true that you do have the capacity to remember many things, those things can get muddled in your head later on. The moment you try to remember one specific idea, it can get mixed up with all the other ideas. Writing them down will free up a lot of brainpower, so you can focus on turning that idea into reality.

Speaking of which…

Cognitive capacity is a precious resource. There are many other important things you need to think of, such as what to tell your client in your meeting later, what the best route to take is from home to the meeting place, how long it will take you to get there, and what time you need to leave home to get to the meeting on time. These are just some examples; there are many more, considering how much we do every single day.

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So free up some space on your mental hard drive and write your ideas down. Then you’ll be free to think better.


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