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3 Things That Make a Good Mentor

Every CEO is at the top position for a reason. It’s not just to earn lots of money; being at the top includes the greatest responsibility of making sure the company runs smoothly. Part of that is being a mentor to the people under them.

If you own a small business in the UK, then chances are you’re also the “CEO” (doesn’t matter if the business is big or small; you’re still at the top spot). And if you have people working with you, then you will have to be their mentor as well. The only person they can learn from on how to run the business is you.

Don’t let the responsibility of mentoring intimidate you though. Even if you aren’t a teacher by profession, you can still be a mentor. You just need to do three very important things:



A good mentor inspires others to take action. More so, he inspires them to work their best at what they are doing. He doesn’t simply order people around. Rather, he makes people want to do their best work, without forcing anyone. He makes his team members feel as if they are significant, and that what they do matters a lot. A good mentor is not a slave driver; rather, he is a guide and a shining light. He always makes his team members feel valued.

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Set a good example

A good mentor leads by example. He goes ahead of others and shows them how things are done. He isn’t afraid to do the work himself, so that others would know how to do it too. A good mentor is also humble; never bragging or power-tripping just because he’s at the top of the ladder. He even helps out struggling team members, assuring them that they are not alone.

A good mentor also must be uncompromising in his morals. If he expects top-quality work from everyone under him, he is also always excellent in his own work. If he demands integrity from every person in the business, then he must also be honest in all things he does. If he says that he wants the best for his team, then he must not be greedy, arrogant, or selfish. He always follows the Golden Rule, treating others the way he wants others to treat him.

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Give credit where it’s due

A good mentor never steals credit from those who deserve it. He recognises the efforts of his team members, always appreciating them for a job well done. He never says, “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t achieve what you have now.” Instead, he says, “Great work! You deserve it.”

A good mentor takes pride in the achievements of those he has taught. More so, he isn’t afraid of others becoming better than him. He recognises that the greatest success of a mentor is a student who can outperform him. He knows that such a person will be a great asset to his business.


So, do you do these things right now? If you don’t, then better start now, so that your team members will look up to you and do their very best. If you train your people well, your company will grow and thrive for a very long time.



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