Is Greyhound Racing Just a Hobby For You?

To a lot of punters, greyhound racing is just a hobby. They just bet on it when they have nothing better to do. How about you? Is it just a hobby, or do you see it as something more?

There’s a difference in treating something as a hobby and taking it more seriously.

When greyhound racing is only a hobby, you don’t set any goals for it. No short-term goals, no long-term goals. The only goal you have is to have fun. That’s as far as it goes.

But if you treat it more seriously, the game takes a sharp turn. You start to have a different perspective. You start to set goals for it. Like, “I want to win more than what I bet.” Or perhaps even, “I want to win a total of £1,000 by the end of January.” You also begin to study strategies, statistics, form, and everything you need to know to win the game.


That’s what it takes to make money from greyhound racing.

It takes dedication, skill, grit, and the right attitude. Just like running a small business. But if done the right way, you can absolutely earn a substantial side income from it. None of that is possible if you treat it as “just a hobby.”

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Is Greyhound Racing Just a Hobby For You?
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Is Greyhound Racing Just a Hobby For You?

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