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3 Reasons Google Hangouts is Better Than Skype

If you’re doing freelancing or have an online business in the UK, you’ve probably used Skype. In fact, even those not into online business know about Skype. It’s an easy way to communicate with other people anywhere they may be in the world, through chat, voice, and video calling. Skype isn’t perfect though; it has its issues.

Recently, Skype has been laced with bugs that kill its functionality. It has suffered from frequent crashes, people not receiving messages, and calls not getting through. What’s the point of having a communication app if you can’t even use it to communicate?

Thankfully, there is an alternative. You may have heard of Google Hangouts. Likely, if you have an Android phone, it has this app out of the box, and it functions almost the same as Skype. It’s more stable, and what’s better are these three reasons.


1.  Voice sounds far better in Hangouts

The sound quality of Google Hangouts is a lot better than that of Skype. Try it for yourself; you’ll find out that it would sound just like speaking to the other person face to face. In Skype, often the voice is garbled and gets cut off more often. This is really important because you’ll save a lot of time talking. No need to ask the other person to repeat what they just said every ten seconds. Instead, you can focus more on what you need to discuss.


2.  Hangouts uses less data

In the graph below, a data usage test performed by Android Authority shows that Google Hangouts uses almost 200 KB less per minute of voice calling than Skype does.

hangouts bandwidth

Photo from Android Authority

This is good news for you if you do voice calls regularly using your data plan. That would mean more time to talk, and less to pay on your bill.

You may have also noticed something strange here. How come Hangouts uses less data than Skype, but the sound quality is better?

Well, I don’t have an answer to that, but it’s certainly a good thing!


3.  Integration with Google Docs

Thanks to this feature, you can share your google docs and collaborate with people in a voice/video call in real time. You can discuss the document, suggest changes, and make changes as you talk amongst each other. It’s better than screen-sharing in Skype, because it doesn’t just capture and stream what’s on your screen to the other person. Rather, it actually takes both of you to the shared document, allowing real-time edits by either person.

What’s more, you can even do this with 3, 4, or 5 people at the same time in a group call. This would be quite useful when doing brainstorming or business planning.


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