home business idea in uk


Do you have a talent for writing? Are you passionate about it? If you answered “yes” to both questions, you can start an online business by writing articles.

A good home business idea in UK is writing articles. You can acquire decent profit from it. You can also have a flexible work schedule. Further, you can choose projects according to your whims.

When writing articles, you receive a lump sum payment. But do you know that you can still use your articles to generate passive income?

What do we mean by passive income? It is one received regularly by exerting little effort or none at all. Below are the methods on how to acquire passive income through your articles.

Specialty Websites

home business idea uk

You actually have a lot of options to generate passive income.

One of the best ways to produce passive income through your articles is to create your own speciality website. Your site should have a topic, which is popular, suits your interest, or is in accord to your expertise.

For example, you’re a chef and a food blogger. You can place a section on your website that lets people from different places share tips on where to find the most delicious food. Then you can create articles out of the tips received from your followers and post them on your blog.

home business idea in uk

Another example is you’re into digital photography. You can build a website, which will be a platform for photo enthusiasts to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge about photography. You can then incorporate this valuable information in your articles and post them on your site.

Google AdSense and Affiliate Programs

How exactly do you generate passive income from your website? Another small business tip that I can share with you is to use Google AdSense. This program lets you publish ads on your website. Moreover, with Google AdSense, you make money each time a reader clicks your advertisements.google adsense

Aside from Google AdSense, there are also affiliate programs that let sellers give you banners that you can place beside your articles on your website. Every time your site makes a sale, you receive a commission from the seller.

However, making passive income, much like starting a home business idea in UK, is not easy. With a stiff competition online, you must be creative to have a steady following. Use catchy words and phrases in your articles to draw the attention of the readers. You also need to write informative and up-to-date articles.


After writing, submit your articles to the popular article directories like Articlesbase and Ezine. Don’t forget to place the link of your website on the articles. Through the link, people will be able to find your site.

Revenue-Sharing Websites

Next small business tip for passive income is to find a revenue-sharing website. You can submit articles to these sites. In return, you get a fixed pay or a percentage out of the income produced from your articles. This is the better alternative if you think running a website is expensive.

You can start your home business idea and start your online business now by writing articles. Aside from the upfront pay, you can also earn passive income from your articles.

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