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You’re going the wrong way! If the first thing you think about is the product that you’re going to sell for your home business in the UK, you are likely headed to failure. First and foremost you need to find a niche before you even think about a product.

In this article, I’m giving you some tips on how to find hot trending niches for online businesses. But that will be discussed later on.

For now, you need to know what niche market is all about.  Wikipedia defines it as “the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused.”shopping woman buying fruit at the market

Here’s an example of a niche market. Let’s say you want to go into the food industry. As you know, the food industry is enormous with many big players. Since you’re still starting or yet to start, you don’t have the resources like those of the multi-billion dollar companies, which have already established their names in the industry.

What you need to do is to find a subset in the food industry and then make it your niche. Perhaps, your niche would be health foods for people with diabetes for 60 and above. Another niche would be health foods for adult female runners. Maybe, you prefer health foods for those 20 and above.

By finding your niche in a market, you can level the playing field. Furthermore, by targeting a specific market, you can massively increase the probability that the said market will buy from you.

No doubt you’re asking ‘how do I find hot trending niches when starting an online business?’ This is where the internet plays a key role. To know the trending niches, conduct research through the internet and gather information for the most in-demand products. Here is a list of some resources available on the internet that you can use to identify your niche.

1.     Amazon

Amazon is the largest internet-based retailer in the US with an ever growing footprint across Europe. With over 244 million active users, Amazon sells pretty much everything from books, clothes, jewellery to gadgets and electronics.

What’s more incredible about Amazon is that it has the Best Sellers tab.

So when you click it, you’ll have an idea on what products people are mostly buying from it, giving you an instant result on what is selling well.

2.     eBay

Ostersund, Sweden - October 24, 2015: Closeup of ebay website un

eBay provides consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales service online. With more than 162 million active users, it is another great platform to identify your niche. Like Amazon, eBay also provides information on what products sell fast.

When you click Hot Items by Category, you will see which categories and products sell like pancakes (and it’s not just food).

3.     Clickbank

Clickbank is another digital marketplace where you can find the most popular niches in information products. When you click the Marketplace, you will see the different categories under Clickbank. If a category displays a lot of products, it means that the niche is profitable.

4.     Google Trends

One more method is Google Trends, which shows the latest trending niches for the day through its Search feature.

business, people, teamwork and planning concept - smiling busine

These are just some of the means that you can use to find hot trending niches for online businesses.


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