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How To Compress Your Videos Without Using Any Software

I’ve a question for you…. Can you get the same quality from a smaller size? How can you compress your videos without using any tool or having to pay for a software?

As I stared out of my study window at the bright sunny day here in Barcelona, I was thinking, what golden nugget can I share with you that could make a big difference to your morning?

And I remembered a clever, well I think it is anyway, way to reduce the file size of videos or simply compress your videos without losing the quality, as I suggested in the subject title.

Some of you may have been thinking I was going to take this email in another direction, but I wouldn’t do that to you.

I recently invested in an online course, don’t worry I am not promoting it to you today. The first video lesson, on growing your list, was great. Only thing is, the file size was 1.1GB – which is huge, in today’s world, for a 55-minute video not to mention a waste of space on my hard drive.

So I used this simple tip I picked up from one of my business partners.

I uploaded the 1.1GB video to my YouTube account, making sure I had set the option to “Private” beforehand.

One the video had finished processing and was uploaded to my YouTube channel, I just downloaded the video by selecting “Download MP4” from the menu on the Video Manager page.

Once it had downloaded to my Mac and I checked that it played, I deleted the version of the video from my YouTube account. That video, because it was ‘private’ never saw the light of day on my YouTube channel!

compress your videos

So what was the point of doing all this? Well, I now have a video of 185 MB, rather than the original 1.1GB but the picture quality is virtually the same.

Before discovering this trick, you would probably have used programs like Handbrake to do this. Or some other convoluted application that would take ages to set up and configure how you wanted it to cop

YouTube has done a great job on making it easy for people like us to easily process videos and this is a nifty little trick you can take advantage of.

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