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How to Earn Extra Money in Affiliate Marketing While Still Working 9-5?

Thinking of getting into affiliate marketing?

Start by creating a blog

Any blogging niche can make you money, as long as you know what you are doing. What does this mean? Affiliate marketing is not as easy s penning a blog, and then throwing in an affiliate link. Of course there is a possibility that it could work, and net you a sale, but if you are really serious about making extra money, then there are certain steps that you will be required to take.

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1. Understand Your Target Audience

The first step to starting your own business will require you to identify your target audience. Figure out who they are, and then determine their interests. Having done this, think about the businesses, companies, and products that fit in perfectly with the target audience you have identified.

Start preparing a list and noting down all the ideas that cross your mind. From here, determine whether these businesses and companies have affiliate programs. As a part of start your own online business startup, you will need to do lots of research.

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In the course of this research, you will find that most companies have affiliate programs, but they will not in any way make it easy for you to find this information.


2. Stick to Products and Services that You Would Personally Use

When recommending a product or service, make sure that you are not just tossing out links yet you know nothing about these products. If a person makes a purchase through your link, and the product they have purchased ends up being crappy, you can be sure that the said individual will no longer trust your links. A good way to market an affiliate product or service would be to draft a review of that product.

3. Market Your Affiliates Wherever You Can

When the review is complete, send it to your emailing list, post it on your social networking accounts, e.g., Facebook and Twitter, pin it on Pinterest, and be sure to share it with your Instagram followers as well.

Market the heck out of that review, and then let the internet do the rest.

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