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3 Ways to Improve Brand Recognition

In a previous article, we discussed why brand recognition is important for your business. The more people know about you, the greater your potential client base.

That article also mentioned the basics of improving brand recognition: a good name, and great customer service. But there are certainly more ways, such as these.


Tell a story about your business

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People love a compelling story. Especially if it makes them feel inspired, motivated, or empowered. Appealing to emotion is a great way of getting people to support your business. With that in mind, consider turning your next ad campaign into a nifty story. The story should reflect the core values of your business, and it should give people an idea of what problem you want to solve.

This works best when you use video. Even a short one – 5 minutes or even shorter – works wonders, as long as the story is something special.

Underpromise and overdeliver

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Customers absolutely hate those companies who don’t keep their word. Imagine having a “next day delivery” service that gets the product to your door after 3 days. Would you still trust that company after that experience? The answer is obvious.

But what if it was the opposite? What if the company stated a 3-day delivery time, then your order came in the next day? Now that would certainly be a big plus on your trust rating. You would have almost no qualms about ordering from them again.

That’s the big idea: repeat orders. Ideally, you’d want customers to keep on buying from you. For them to do that, you’ll have to establish trust. One great way to get that trust is to exceed people’s expectations. Advertise low, deliver high. Set the bar low at first glance, then surprise your customers with something greater. Certainly a great way to provide customer satisfaction.

And with great customer satisfaction comes better brand recognition.

Be consistent with branding

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To bolster brand recognition, consistency is key. Therefore, use the same logo for labeling your products, packaging, and in your advertising. The more your logo is seen, the more people will know about your business. Also take advantage of the fact that repetition is an integral part of learning. If people see the same logo everywhere, they are more likely to remember your business than if you use different ones.

Though it’s good to change your logo as time goes by, it isn’t wise to overdo it. If your business is not famous yet, changing logo designs often will confuse your potential clients. Stick with one design until you earn your claim to fame.
Most importantly, you need time. Brand recognition takes a while to develop, so be patient. Just keep these 3 tips in mind all the time, and eventually people will have no trouble identifying your brand among the rest.


Since we mentioned stories here, would you like some quick tips to make a good story? This infographic will help.


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