multitasking skills

Is this female skill stopping your business growing? | Multitasking

Is this female skill stopping your business growing? | Multitasking

Hello again, hope all is well with you and yours, how’s your week been – as productive as you’d like?

If, like me, in the early days of building my home based business I found it wasn’t always productive. I would often find myself at the end of the week not feeling my own business had moved on at all.

I’d see the results from my day job and my employer was satisfied with the output, but whilst I had a high output at my paid job, my own personal goals and home business goals were lacking.

I sat down and took a long hard look at what it was that was causing this lack of progress, lack of velocity as I like to term it. I realised – it wasn’t any one thing. I realised I was focussed on the wrong tasks, those tasks that you could think of as low productivity tasks….


‘What might that be – Peter?’


Well let me call out one major task with you, I am pretty sure you can relate to it, in some way;


It’s (drum roll please)………..




I know women are supposed to be highly skilled at multitasking (hence the tile), but I am not convinced that anyone is really. Better to focus on one task, get it done then move to the next.

multitasking skills

Let’s say you start your session with 6 unfinished tasks and you multitask to move them all forward, almost certainly by the end of your session you’ll have moved most of them along, but you’ll likely still have 6 unfinished tasks – how will that make you feel? Not that excited about your own business I’m sure.




It’s much better to have a task list and highlight the most productive tasks and get them done one at a time, then tick them off as ‘done’.


At the end of your home business session, you will have closed off some tasks. And, even if it’s only 1 completed task (trust me – it won’t be), then picture how much more satisfied and motivated in your business you’ll be!


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Until next time, thanks for reading.