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Use the Law of Compounding to Your Advantage

How do you view success? Do you imagine making a windfall profit? In other words, making millions of pounds in just a few days? It sounds so appealing, but also too good to be true. The truth is, most success happens through the law of compounding.

What is the Law of Compounding?

In other words, small wins stacked on top of each other contribute to your overall success. Because if you look at it, almost no good business owner got big through just one stroke of luck. Their journey to success was long, and often comprised lots of little victories as they went along. As those humble triumphs accumulated over time, these entrepreneurs became successful. The big victories worthy of recognition in Fortune magazine came much later.

law of compounding

That’s the idea behind the law of compounding. Consistently hit your small goals, stack those small wins on top of each other, and over time, you’ll achieve what you want before you know it. With this sort of mindset, you’ll rarely burn yourself out. Because you always aim to hit your small goals, they are very doable, and you can just keep going on and on.



But it requires discipline.

Of course, you can’t stack your small wins unless you consistently attain them. The keyword here is consistent. If you achieve small wins, but not regularly, you’ll have a hard time reaching the level of achievement that you want. And the only way to do this is through discipline.

Discipline brings about consistency. It’s about doing what needs to be done every single day. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn has said that:

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.”

Every day. Even if you don’t feel like working, you must work. For if you don’t, you are delaying your journey to success.

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But if you do the work each day, and get those small wins each day as well, then you’re on the right track.


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