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How to Learn the Skills You Need Without Going to School

Traditional thinking would tell you that if you really want to know as much as you can about running a business, you need to take an MBA. There are lots of universities offering MBA courses, but not everyone can afford it. And not everyone wants to take an MBA. Moreover, not everyone needs an MBA. Especially today.

Thanks to the Internet, you can now learn to do business just from home. And not only that. You can even do it without shelling out a single pound. That’s right: you can do it for free. All thanks to what are known as MOOCs.


What are MOOCs?

It’s an abbreviation for Massive Open Online Course. It’s like a set of classes in uni, but taken online and open to a large number of people (hence massive open). And these courses aren’t just run by anyone down the street; most MOOCs are run by highly reputable professors in the world’s best institutions. These professors serve as your lecturers, and you’ll watch videos of each of their lectures as you progress.

Since they’re courses, MOOCs also feature quizzes and tests; often, there’s a quiz at the end of every lecture, and a longer test at the end of every chapter or unit. There’s even a forum where you can discuss lessons with other people also taking the MOOC. For some courses, you may even ask the lecturers themselves. It’s just like a typical course in uni, minus the classroom.



What subject matters are available?

Many, in fact. MOOCs go anywhere from philosophy to programming. Of course, business is included. You can choose from any business skill you may need – marketing, sales, finance, management, entrepreneurship, you name it. There are even some that give you full specialisation in one area. These will require you to take more than one course, though, so it will take more time and effort. But if that specialisation is something you want, then go ahead.

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How can I learn for free?

Most MOOCs allow you to “audit” the course, meaning you have access to all lectures, quizzes, projects, and discussion forums just like any other student. However, you will not be able to get certificates or credentials from the institution running the MOOC. If you need those, you’ll have to pay for the course.

However, if all you need are the skills and knowledge, then auditing the course is enough. You can have access to MOOCs through sites like Coursera and edX. You can pick any course you need offered by the world’s leading universities and start learning for free.



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