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3 Essential Elements of Good Marketing Videos

Video is perhaps the most engaging tool you can use for content marketing in the UK. It stimulates both vision and hearing, capturing people’s full attention. In fact, 87% of online marketers today use video, based on a report by Hyperfine Media. Therefore, you should take advantage of it now more than ever.

But with the abundance of marketing videos these days, it can be hard to compete. Shoddily-created videos don’t stand a chance. Thus, you have to do it the right way. Take note of these 3 key things that your marketing videos must have:


1. The problem you want to solve

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For every product or service, there is a problem to be solved. Let’s say you watch a few marketing videos for an SEO business. What’s the problem they address? The grueling task of getting your site to rank on top of the Google search results. If you lack the skills to do SEO, then you’d be interested in those products or services.

So in your business, what problem or issue are you addressing? The more relatable it is to your niche’s needs, the better. Always start with this, because once people have that exact problem, they can relate from the beginning. That, in turn, will keep them watching and listening.


2. The solution you are offering

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This is where your product or service comes in. Now that your viewers know about the problem, it’s time to offer a solution. This part is where you tell your viewers how your product or service works. With that, the audience should then know how it solves the problem.

Also, show the viewers what makes your product or service better than others. Most of the time, there are also other businesses offering the same thing. For that reason, include your unique selling proposition (USP) here. For example, it could be that your solution is faster, more user-friendly, or cheaper. Think of the best thing that sets you apart from the rest. This USP, in turn, will convince viewers to buy your product or service.


3. A call to action

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Most people in the internet are lazy, which is why this last element is important. Towards the end of your marketing videos, tell the viewers what they should do next. Provide a link to your website if they want to find out more. Also, you could give them a link to a freebie, to further convince them to buy your product or service. You may also tell them to share the video with their friends if they’re convinced. Most importantly, include a link to where they can buy your product. Some viewers may decide to buy immediately.

Otherwise, without a call to action, most viewers will just click away. Don’t waste the opportunity to gain a customer!


Of course, as I’ve mentioned previously, keep your videos to a maximum of three minutes only. Shorter is better; if you can do it in a minute, then do so. People have very limited attention spans, so maximise their time.


And since there are so many video offers out in cyberspace, there are bound to be scams. To help you avoid them, take a look at this video.


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