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AUTHOR’S PICK: 5 Mental Health Tips for UK Home Business Owners

Time for another Author’s Pick weekend! This week, it’s all about mindset, because more than anything, your state of mind determines how successful your UK home business will be. Today, it’s about keeping good mental health while working on your business.

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If you’re working on your UK home business, you may have found working for really long times to be quite unsettling. It makes you feel stressed, irritable, and sometimes, burned out. Eventually, this can take a serious toll on your physical health as well. Remember the saying, “what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve”? If your mental health isn’t good, your body can also suffer.


When you get sick, you can’t work. And if you can’t work, your UK home business suffers too. This is why it’s absolutely important to maintain your mental health!


With that, here are five tips that will help keep you motivated and productive.

1. Have a change of scenery

A common problem when you’re working on your UK home business is the isolation and lack of scenery. You wake up in your house, then eat, work, and sleep in the same house. When you are so committed to building up your small business, not leaving the house for days, and even weeks, can be so common. And since familiarity breeds contempt, seeing the same things every day will negatively impact your mental health.

To avoid this, work in a different location as often as you can, wherever it’s practical. Ideally, you should do this at least a couple of times a week. It could be something as simple as just going to your local coffee shop. That simple change of scenery will have an amazing effect on your mental health and productivity.

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2.  Escape the computer

Once you have finished your allotted work for the day, switch off your computer. I don’t mean close the lid of your laptop; really click on ‘Shut Down’. Also, do not touch it again until the morning.

This act alone will provide a clear mental cut-off point when your work ends and your personal time begins. It also places an obstacle in the way that makes it more difficult to “just check email”. Plus, it also gives your computer – and your eyes – a rest.

Now go do something else. Do anything that doesn’t involve the computer.

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