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Mobile Traffic Will Boost Your Commissions on Clickbank

At this day and age, most people are already using their mobiles to do all kinds of things online. Anything – from browsing the web to booking a flight – can now be done using the device you keep in your pocket. For all I know, you could be reading this post right now from your phone or tablet. Traffic from mobile devices is here to stay, and it will only keep on growing.

In fact, according to a report by ComScore, we have already surpassed the mobile tipping point two years ago.


clickbank UK mobile traffic

Photo Credit: ComScore Whitepaper (The US Mobile App Report)


In 2014, mobile internet users outnumbered desktop users, and the gap is continuously getting wider. In 2015, there were nearly 2 billion mobile internet users in the world, as opposed to less than 1.8 billion for desktop. This can only mean one thing for affiliate marketers like yourself.

Mobile traffic is a great source of potential revenues. Not taking advantage of it means missing out on a huge chance to make more money online!


The good news is, of course you can use mobile traffic to your advantage. Especially if you’re a Clickbank affiliate. Clickbank’s system is especially designed to allow you to gain traction in mobile cyberspace.

When you create your affiliate links (called “HopLinks”) to promote products, you also have the option of using a pre-made QR code, as shown below:


Clickbank UK mobile traffic QR code

Photo Credit: Clickbank Knowledge Base


The QR code on the right allows for easy access for mobile users to the seller’s landing page. All they have to do is scan the code using a QR reader app, and it takes them directly to a mobile-optimised landing page for an easier purchase on a mobile device.

One more thing. It’s the seller’s responsibility to create a mobile-friendly landing page for their products; not the affiliate’s. That makes your job easier as an affiliate marketer! All you need to do is to look for products that support mobile traffic, and you can easily find them on Clickbank. Such products bear a cellular phone symbol at the bottom of the product description, like so:


Clickbank product description mobile

Photo Credit: Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace


It’s as easy as that. So then, keep that cellular phone symbol in mind when looking for new products to promote in the Clickbank affiliate marketplace.

Mobile traffic will surely add to your commissions. You’ll thank yourself later on.


But wait. Mobile traffic isn’t the only important factor when choosing your products. There are three more, and this video tells you about them.


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