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The Surprising Power of Monotasking

These days, technology is an essential part of any kind of work. Whether you work in an office, out in the field, or have your own online business startup, you would likely use a computer, tablet, or phone.

That isn’t to say technology is a bad thing. These modern tools are indeed helpful, but there is an unintended consequence – multitasking. We have developed this tendency to switch from doing one thing to another thing on a whim.

Multitasking tricks you into thinking you’re more productive.

In reality, it’s all in your mind. It’s an illusion. What really happens is this: switching from one task to another and back, over and over again. It does not accelerate your workflow, and neither does it give you more time.

If anything, multitasking is effective in stressing you out. You’re working on something, and suddenly your brain is flooded with distracting thoughts about your other small business ideas. You then switch to another task, but the thought of the other task being incomplete still bothers you. You’d then switch back to the previous task, and so on. It then becomes a vicious cycle of mental stress.

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It makes you accomplish less.

Yes, it does make you feel you are doing more because you take on more tasks at once. But at the end of the day, many of those tasks remain unfinished. More so because of the mental stress. Therefore, you weren’t really productive. You just started off a lot of tasks without completing them. Your small business ideas just went to waste.

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Instead, try monotasking.

The human brain is designed to focus on one task at a time. Because of that, we all perform best when we do exactly that. When your mind is putting all its attention on completing just one thing, there is less stress. There are fewer distracting thoughts. Your mind, being more relaxed and determined, will allow you to complete the task faster than when you multitask.

Try it yourself; you’ll end up ticking off more items from your daily to-do list this way.

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