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In Greyhound Racing, Don’t Spread Yourself Thin

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There are lots of greyhound races to choose from. There’s always more than one racetrack, and more than one race per track. So it’s somehow tempting to just bet on as many as you can.

But is multiple betting a good idea?

Let’s say you bet on Hove, Doncaster, Henlow, Peterborough, and Poole all at the same time. That’s five different tracks. Remember that each track has its own set of conditions, biases, and such.

Question now is this.

betting greyhound racing


Do you know all of these variables for each racetrack?

Likely you don’t. And that would be a big waste. You’d end up spreading yourself too thin, putting your eggs in too many baskets, in a way. While it’s good to put your eggs in more than one basket, the extreme is harmful. Having too many baskets becomes counterproductive.


It’s because you lose focus. Focus is important, just like in business. When you run a business, you focus on a certain product or service. Usually it’s something you’re very good at. It’s the thing you do best.

The same principle applies in greyhound racing.


Focus on just one or two racetracks.

This way, you can know more details about the greyhounds, the track conditions, win/loss records, and other useful statistics. This way, you can better formulate strategies to win more bets in those racetracks. In turn, you’ll get more wins than in multiple betting.

Also, there’s a bonus. The more you know about a specific racetrack, the bigger your advantage over other punters. When you’re a lot better than other punters in your favourite racetracks, you have a tremendous upside. That’s the goal.



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In Greyhound Racing, Don't Spread Yourself Thin
Article Name
In Greyhound Racing, Don't Spread Yourself Thin
There are so many racetracks available in greyhound racing. With that, you may be tempted to do multiple betting. Here's why doing that isn't a good idea.

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