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This is Why You Should Never Complain

Sometimes, as the saying goes, life gives you lemons. When setbacks come, you can find dozens of reasons to complain. You’d also find dozens of people or things to pass on the blame. When life gives you lemons, it’s so easy to be negative about everything.


Does complaining help, though?

Think about it. If all you do is rant about the bad things that happened to you, what happens next? Do you feel less stressed? Do you feel relieved after complaining? Most importantly, do the problems go away?

They don’t.

More often than not, complaining just leaves you more miserable than you were. The problems are still there; shouting at them won’t make them shy away. You have not done anything to improve your situation. Then, because you’re more stressed after complaining, you can’t effectively solve the problem. In short, you’re worse off.

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Imagine what would happen if you have that attitude every single day.

Everything you can complain about, you complain about. At the end of every day, you feel miserable because of everything wrong that happened to you. Your focus is always on the negative, and you keep asking yourself how you’ll ever get ahead with your situation.

Precisely. How will you ever get ahead?

How can you, if your mind is always focused on the bad things that happen to you? When that’s your focus, you no longer see the opportunities behind your circumstances. You can no longer think about how you can improve your business. Your mind is already full, but it’s full of the wrong things.


Which is why you should never complain.

Complaining does not solve anything. It’s a waste of time. It gives you unnecessary misery. Instead, be happy for the opportunities given to you. That’s one piece of advice that Robert Herjavec would never forget from his father. Herjavec founded the cybersecurity giant Herjavec group, and he is worth US$500 million as of June 2016. His father worked in a factory sweeping floors; as such, he didn’t earn a lot. However, he never complained about his situation. And Robert followed his father’s advice. Look where that took him now.

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One thing to realise is that life won’t always go your way.

You can’t expect everything to work “perfectly as planned”. Setbacks will happen. Some things won’t go as planned. You’ll have your fair share of bad days. But then, despite that, never complain. Focus on how you can keep improving yourself and your business. Focus on the opportunities you can take advantage of. If those are what fill your mind instead of negativity, then you’re on the right track. No circumstance will stop you.



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