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Keep Going, Even if Others Tell You to Give Up!

Trying to be a successful entrepreneur sometimes seems impossible. Being a self-starter is not an easy road to take. Often, you’ll feel like giving up. More often, the people around you will feel the same, and will make sure you know it.

Sometimes, it may seem easier to follow their advice.

To stop your efforts in climbing the mountain of hard work and to slip back to your comfort zone of inaction. As much as you’d love to start a business, it seems like all the effort you’re pouring in isn’t worth it.

Giving up seems like the best choice when everyone around you thinks it is. Here, however, are 3 ways to keep yourself from doing exactly that.



Don’t be afraid to listen to criticism

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Most of the time our first reaction to criticism is discouragement. We don’t like hearing others point out mistakes or faults in our work, and often this can discourage us from moving forward. Because of this, we’re usually told to ignore criticism

Unfortunately, criticism is unavoidable. You can, however, use it to your advantage. There will always be flaws in what you’re doing. What you can do is learn to identify them as areas of improvement.

Listening to criticism from others gives you a chance to pinpoint the mistakes in your work process or product. While not all criticism may be useful – some may simply want to tear you down – criticism can be a valuable form of feedback. When others criticize you, ask questions. What exactly do they think you’re doing wrong? What are the potential problems they see in your work?

It’s important to evaluate yourself and the steps you’re taking to make sure you are on the road of constant improvement.




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People may say you have no skill and lack experience, and therefore can’t succeed. But if this was true, then how would anyone be able to succeed? Nobody enters the world imbued with talent or even capable of speech. Talent in itself is a myth – skill in any aspect of life is gained through experience. And experience is gained through perseverance – the repetitive, intentional pursuit of self-improvement.

As is said, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Experience can be gained. Skill can be learned. It takes perseverance to gain both. It also takes perseverance to maintain improvement in both yourself and your work. Sometimes it takes a while for the fruit of your labor to show- perseverance, however, ensures that it keeps growing.



Record your progress

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It’s easy to get discouraged when your work seems to have no results. This is because often, the results of our labor take time to show. Try keeping a record of your progress. At the end of each day, list what you have achieved – the steps you’ve taken towards your goal, no matter how small. After some time, check your progress – you may be surprised to see how much you’ve achieved. Also take note of what factors improve your work and increase your progress. Don’t just blindly try to get things done – learn from the results of your past efforts.

It’s also important to know any personal growth you’ve had. Have you gained experience in a certain task? Have you learned a new method that improves your work? We are all improving with time, may it be personal growth or in terms of growing a business. Recording your progress will allow you to see this, and get the motivation to keep moving forward.
Giving up and giving in to the discouragement from those around you may sometimes seem like the best option. But ultimately, it is not them who determine your success.

It is only you and you alone who can make the choices that determine your life, and the path you take.


Speaking of not giving up, setting good goals can really help you with this. Check out this infographic for five tips on setting good goals for yourself.


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