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3 Tips to Find The Best Niche For Your UK Small Business [Infographic]

As you always hear (and read), finding a niche is perhaps the most important step in starting a UK small business. It gives you something specific to focus on, and having that is an important blueprint for your business.

As a rule of thumb, the niche you will choose must be in line with your skills and passion. Making a business out of what you love doing and what you’re good at is the best thing to do. Otherwise, it’ll be troublesome to manage, and you will more likely give up earlier.

Finding the best niche for you is a matter of research, as shown in the infographic below.


UK small business niche


If the online research part had you asking, “Where do I start looking?”, the internet has a few free resources below to help you:

  1. Online tools to find trending niches
  2. More online tools to help find a niche


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