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AUTHOR’S PICK: The No-Cost Way of Starting a UK Home Business

Happy Sunday to everyone! Our Author’s Pick for today is about starting a UK home business at no cost at all. Doesn’t that sound great?

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If you have that commitment to start a UK home business on your own, then you should cover the running costs yourself and grow it organically. According to many experts, over 90 percent of successful modern-day businesses start this way.

With the many free tools we have today (and a dose of sweat), you can create a website for next to nothing. That should jumpstart your UK home business, whether it be e-commerce, a new invention, or specialised services. It’s also easier than ever to go online and register your company and intellectual property, as well as to start advertising through social media and search engines.

There’s no secret to the do-it-yourself approach. Just defer payment, maybe in the form of commissions. Or, you could choose to barter services. At this point, you’re still starting off, so take a cautious approach to anything requiring a cash outlay.

Here’s some key suggestions I recommend:


Begin your new business from your home

Since the birth of the web, your office’s location is irrelevant. In fact, you may not even need an office. Many companies and individuals now work remotely. Even in established global corporations with huge offices, many of their teams are spread all over the world. Location has become only secondary to delivery and quality. So when starting out, avoid paying rent for an office! Eventually, you may also realise that you don’t need an office at all.

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Do It Yourself

When you start your home business in the UK, wherever possible, do all the tasks yourself. As you go along, document everything that you do, step by step. As your business grows, you will soon need to hire people or outsource freelancers. By that time, you will already have a process guide in handy to train your new team. Because you prepared well, you’ll have more time to develop your business further.

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