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3 Non-Negotiables When Writing Product Reviews

In a previous article, I gave 3 reasons why affiliate marketers in the UK should write product reviews. It’s a good way to get more of your audience to buy your affiliate products. Also, it educates them about the product.

The next question now is “how”. How do you write good product reviews that influence people’s buying decisions? Let’s start with the basics, which are three non-negotiable parts of a good review.


1.  Use the Product Yourself

Before you write anything about a product, you must have used it yourself first. How else can you write a good review, right? Otherwise, you won’t be writing a review; it would just be a speculation.

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“So does that mean I have to buy the product?” Not necessarily. Some sellers offer evaluation versions of their product to their affiliates. Ask for one if sellers have them. You may also choose to buy the product yourself if you want. Or better yet, you may have used the product yourself some time before. In this case, it’s a lot easier to write that review.

If you’re testing the product, really put it to its limits. Do all you can so you’ll see to what extent the product will perform. Maximise the product and see how powerful it is. This way, you’ll know if it lives up to the seller’s claims or not. And that is one thing your audience would really love to know.


2.  Be Honest

As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy. Be genuine with your review. Write about what you really think of the product, your experience with it, and how much you would recommend it. Word the review as if you were talking to a close friend. If you wouldn’t want to lie to a close friend, then neither should you lie to your clients.

Remember two things: don’t sugarcoat, but also don’t exaggerate. If a product has weaknesses, tell your readers about them straightaway. No need to sugarcoat those weaknesses; no product is perfect anyway. On the other hand, whatever advantages the product has, say all the good things you want about them. However, don’t be too over-the-top with the praise. If flattery gets you nowhere with people, it also will get you nowhere with products.


3.  Be Unbiased

Speaking of strengths and weaknesses, these two should always come hand-in-hand in all your product reviews. Again, it’s a review, not an advert. Don’t just present the good bits and leave out the bad ones; lay them both out on the proverbial table.

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Why? Because your aim is to educate your audience. You want to help them make informed buying decisions, and you can’t fully inform them if all you present is one side of the coin. They have to see both sides.

No matter how much you like the product, don’t let that bias creep in. Think of a product review like a news story: it has to be balanced. No side is favoured, and it only sticks to the facts. But unlike news, you can insert your opinions about the product in your review. Your opinions would certainly help, as long as they’re honest and unexaggerated.


Are you ready to write your own product reviews? When you can fulfil all three conditions, you’re ready to roll. Get writing, educate your customers, and you’ll be a great affiliate marketer in the UK.


PS: Some of you might still be thinking of what to promote as an affiliate. This infographic will help you.


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