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In Greyhound Racing, It Isn’t Just About the Greyhound

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If you’re like the typical punter in greyhound racing, you’re only looking at the dogs. How fast they run, how long they have raced, how many times they’ve won, and other such things.

But it isn’t just about the greyhounds.


It’s also about the trainer.

Remember, it’s the trainer who teaches the dog what to do. The trainer is the greyhound’s mentor. No greyhound would be racing as it does without its trainer.

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The trainer largely determines how the dog performs.

If there’s a greyhound who wins a lot, it’s because the trainer is also good. On the other hand, if there’s another dog that loses a lot, it’s because it has a bad trainer. Trainers who don’t actively work on improving their dogs’ performance likely won’t produce winning dogs.

betting greyhound racing


Consider the trainer as well when formulating a strategy for greyhound racing.

Perhaps know more about the trainer’s techniques. How does he train his dogs? Does he treat them well? What kind of food does he feed them? Find answers for questions like these when evaluating the trainer. Their methods matter as much as the greyhound’s form.

This is a very important aspect that many beginners forget about. It matters too, and it may be the difference between making money and losing money. Incorporate this into your strategy, and you can bet more wisely.


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