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Welcome to the brand new home for starting and building your own home based business with me Peter Bright. In the coming weeks and months my intention is to share with you as much valuable content on starting, running and expanding your own home based business.

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I’m sure you are asking yourself; well Who The Heck Are You?!

I am Peter Bright, a 50′ something entrepreneur and business consultant. I have a number of home based businesses, both in the ‘real world’ (offline) and online. I started online in April 2014. At first it was more out of interest than anything else, I was pretty cynical about all these gurus and so-called experts offering this and that advice for success.

However, it didn’t take me long to see that, if I wanted to be both time free and financially secure I needed to have other opportunities, I needed to know how to earn money from a part time (or no time) business. A big part of that is the internet and (more specifically) making money online where there is an ever growing opportunity, for anyone committed to being financially free, to create second and passive income streams

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first step to starting your own business

A Simple Trick to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Your Big Goals

Goal setting is one very valuable first step to starting your own business. It gives you an idea what you want to achieve, as well as when you want to achieve them. Goals are what drive the growth of your online business startup, and they are what keep you going despite the hurdles. At first, […]

careers that will stay

8 occupations that will be still be here in 20 years

8 occupations that will still be here in 20 years Hey, don’t despair, I probably made a few of you cry in to your beer (or wine) the last time we talked about the future occupations – or rather those that won’t be around much longer. So I thought I’d (try) and inspire you with […]

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030? 8 jobs gone in 2030? What is this all about, Pete? Hope you are doing well and all is rosy in your garden? Well here’s a sobering thought, as the kids break up for the summer and get ready to return to school to study hard for that […]

mind your own business

A Compelling Reason to Block Out Time For Your Tasks

Running an online business startup from home is great. No need for a stressful rush hour commute, and no need to rouse yourself out of bed too early. You can wake up anytime you want and feel more rested. You can also enjoy your breakfast a lot more, knowing that you aren’t in a rush. […]

shiny object syndrome cure

Shiny Object Syndrome? Here’s The SOS Cure

Shiny Object Syndrome? Here’s The SOS Cure It’s Tuesday, nearly the weekend! Not really, but let’s say its Friday. Guess what, when you are financially free and independent from a job, everyday will be like a Friday… Anyway I digress, Last time we chatted (well I chatted you read) I talked about Shiny Object Syndrome […]

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