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Welcome to the brand new home for starting and building your own home based business with me Peter Bright. In the coming weeks and months my intention is to share with you as much valuable content on starting, running and expanding your own home based business.

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I’m sure you are asking yourself; well Who The Heck Are You?!

I am Peter Bright, a 50′ something entrepreneur and business consultant. I have a number of home based businesses, both in the ‘real world’ (offline) and online. I started online in April 2014. At first it was more out of interest than anything else, I was pretty cynical about all these gurus and so-called experts offering this and that advice for success.

However, it didn’t take me long to see that, if I wanted to be both time free and financially secure I needed to have other opportunities, I needed to know how to earn money from a part time (or no time) business. A big part of that is the internet and (more specifically) making money online where there is an ever growing opportunity, for anyone committed to being financially free, to create second and passive income streams

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brexit and what you should do

{CANT BE UNSEEN} 3 Start up tips you need to know

😉 3 Start up tips you need to know I’ll keep this short today after my epic article about Getting other people to pay your kids through college. Here’s a short list of tips on how to keep your new business on track…. To get your startup going – you have to START! Obvious right, […]

ways to make money online

Get other people to pay your kids through college | 5 ways to make money online

Get other people to pay your kids through college | 5 ways to make money online Do your children need to be saddled with student debt when they graduate? Worse still, do they need to be in debt without a degree – you still have to pay the student loans even if you don’t pass, […]

8 occupations that won’t exist by 2030

What have you done in 2018 that makes your future self proud?

Amazingly it’s the end of yet another week, we just slipped quietly from October into November, that’s 10 months of 2018 gone, if like me, it seems it went in the blink of an eye – right? We’re now less than 60 days from 2019, soon we’ll be celebrating Christmas with friends, families and co-workers, […]

BREXIT and what you should do?

BREXIT and what you should do? If you’re in the UK or Europe this has to be the biggest topic of discussion and discontent (outside of the Spanish / Catalan independence fight). Whoever you listen to, whichever side you fall on personally, neither seems to have a happy ending or a silver bullet that puts […]

work from home

Your Must Have 8 Essential Tools To Start Your Home Based Business

Here we are again, the end of yet another exciting week! Hope yours has been as productive as mine! If you’re new to this whole home based business idea and you’re still finding your feet, remember that it doesn’t matter whether you have a traditional real-world brick and mortar type business or an online one, […]

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