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3 Advantages of Using PayPal for Merchants

If you have an online business in the UK, chances are you employ an online payment system. You may have a secure page that allows buyers to enter credit card details upon checkout. Or, you may also use PayPal.

PayPal certainly has a lot of advantages as an online payment system, both for buyers and merchants. For this article, we’ll talk about its advantages for merchants. Three of which are down below:

Supports any currency

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PayPal is a global service, and as such, it supports almost every currency in the world. With this, you can open your online business to international customers, especially if you sell digital products. You don’t even have to deal with currency conversion yourself; the PayPal system does it for you. So if your price is in Euros, and a customer from the US wants to buy your product in US dollars, PayPal gives them the converted price before they confirm the payment.

Invoicing feature

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PayPal also has a feature that allows you to easily create sales invoices for your customers. You can create your own template, which may include the item name, price, taxes, customer email addresses, and even your company logo. Once done, you can just as easily email the invoice to your customers.


Seller protection

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PayPal also protects its sellers from fraudulent chargebacks by nefarious buyers. If you sell physical products, PayPal offers protection against buyers who falsely claim they did not receive their orders just to get their money back. If you can provide evidence that the item was indeed delivered to the buyer’s address (e.g. via your courier’s online tracking service), then any fraudulent claims like this will be in your favour.
There you go. So if you’re setting up an e-commerce business, consider adding PayPal integration. It’s going to take a heavy load off your back.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by PayPal or any of its affiliates.

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3 Advantages of Using PayPal for Merchants
Article Name
3 Advantages of Using PayPal for Merchants
If you have an online business in the UK, chances are you allow online payments. You may have heard of PayPal; here are 3 advantages of using it.

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