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Why You Must Value People Over Profits

Last Monday, I asked you what the purpose of your business is. Profit is a clear goal, but it isn’t everything in the business world. People matter as well, and they actually matter more.

These people are those who work for you and those whom you serve.

In other words, they are your employees/team members and your clients, respectively. They matter, because without them, your business cannot exist. Without your team, the business cannot run. And without your clients, there will be no one to buy your products and services. In turn, your business will not earn.

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If you value neither your employees nor your clients, only one thing is certain. Your business will fail.


Valuing your team mates means treating them well.

Give them the respect they deserve. Talk to them as equals, and treat them just the way you want them to treat you. Just because you’re the CEO doesn’t mean you can act like a right tosser. You’re their leader, so do what you’re supposed to do and lead.

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And of course, they work for you, so they expect to be paid. Don’t ever take that away from them. These people, just like yourself, need to pay bills, eat three meals a day, and provide for their families. They’re counting on you to provide them with the means to live a decent life.

Before you decide to not pay your people right, remember this. They can always find another job. But you can’t always find people as reliable as they are.




Valuing your clients means giving them what they expect and more.

As a business owner, if you make claims, it’s in your best interest to deliver just as you said. It’s called establishing trust. Once people trust you, they will keep coming back to you. And they’ll bring others along as well.

Also, ever heard of the phrase “underpromise and overdeliver”?

This is a great rule to follow as a small business owner. When you exceed what clients expect of you, your clients will think that you really care about their satisfaction. So the more they’ll trust you and keep coming back.

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Apply these principles, and the profits will surely follow.

Business is really more about serving people. Do it the right way, and your business will make good money soon enough. Just focus on taking care of your people – both your team and your clients – and the profits will take care of themselves.

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Why You Must Value People Over Profits
Article Name
Why You Must Value People Over Profits
Profit is a clear goal, but it isn't everything in the business world. People matter as well, and they actually matter more.