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3 Ways to Point People to Your Website

Last week, we talked about different ways of giving after-sales value to your business. One good way of doing so is pointing your customers to your website, which has a wealth of information they’ll find helpful.

Of course, the assumption is that your site already is populated with lots of useful content that relates to your products and services. These can be instruction manuals, how-to guides, unexpected ways to use your product or service, and more. Teasers about upcoming products and services are also quite nice; they get your customers excited for the next big thing.

So if your site has that information, then here are three ways to point your customers to your site.


QR Codes

online business UK website QR code

These are those little squares with patterns of black-and-white pixels that have become very common today. You can find them in adverts, packaging, flyers, posters – almost everywhere. All you have to do is scan the code with a QR code reader app on your phone, and it will automatically take you to the website.

Since everyone browses the internet on their mobiles these days, take advantage of the ubiquity of QR codes. Put them on your marketing materials and packaging as well, and make sure they can be easily seen.

QR codes can be programmed to go to a specific part of your website as well. So if you want to take customers to a page that has, say, how-to guides, let the QR code redirect to that page right away. Or if you want your customers to sign up for a newsletter about an upcoming product, have the QR code take them to that landing page.

There are several QR code generators online, such as this one: http://www.qr-code-generator.com/. You can point the code to any part of your site, then print the generated code into your marketing materials. It’s that simple.


Through social media

make money online in the UK affiliate marketing social media

Along with QR codes, you may also instruct people to follow your social media channels. Once they do, you may point your new followers to your site through your tweets or posts. This way, you don’t have to contact each of your customers individually.

Direct links

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Some people may find scanning QR codes to be cumbersome. Also, some may not want to follow you on social media for various reasons. This is where direct links come in. Just print out the exact URL on your marketing materials and packaging, and have people go there directly.

Whenever you do this, though, make sure the URLs are short and easy to type. Almost no one has the patience to type in really long ones with so many random characters. In case there’s nothing you can do to make the URL look better, make use of the many URL shorteners available online, such as Google’s (goo.gl). They will make life a lot easier for your customers.


Now it’s your turn. You can do these tricks one at a time, or all at once. You decide. Just don’t pepper your packaging and other marketing materials with links, QR codes, and Follow Me’s. Make them conspicuous, but also ensure that they blend well with the designs.


Looking for more ways to advertise your business? This infographic will give you some tips.


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