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3 Tips for Productivity at Home [Infographic]

TGIF! Today’s Friday Infographic gives you 3 tips for maximising productivity at home, perfect for owners of a UK home business.

This Wednesday’s infographic gave you 2 things you can do to beat the stress of working at home. That’s nice and relaxing.

But how about the part where you’re actually working? How can you improve your productivity for your UK home business?

Well, here’s your answer.


UK home business productivity


Of course, you need to treat the day as if you’re actually going to work.

Because that’s exactly what you will do anyway. On weekdays, set a daily schedule for yourself and stick to it. It’s easier to get things done that way, and takes away the mental strain of having to figure out what to do next or when to do it.

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As with working in an office, you can get tired. That’s why it’s important to take breaks every now and then, to relax your mind and body.

Try this: set a timer for 50 minutes. This is your focus time: during it, focus on your work and nothing else. Then, after that, take a 10-minute break and do whatever you want. Walk around, do some stretching, read news, have coffee, anything. After 10 minutes, get back to work. But whatever you do, always walk away from the temptation to extend your break for “just a few minutes more”. Those “few minutes” may well turn into a few hours! That’s perhaps the biggest thing that can hurt your productivity, so watch out.

Once you’re comfortable with your focus time, you can make it longer, like 100 minutes. With that, make your breaks longer too, like 20 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how this trick can increase your productivity by so much.

UK home business timer productivity


Another important thing is this: when you’re working, then you’re busy.

It’s easy for friends and family members to think that because you’re just at home, you’re available any time of the day. Frankly, you’re not, so let them know it too. Tell your friends and family that your working hours are strictly working hours, which means you can’t be bothered at those times. It’s not like you don’t want to spend time with them; rather, it’s just that there’s a right time to do so. With that in mind, don’t be tempted to say yes “just this once” to short-notice invitations and such. Soon enough, your productivity will fall apart because of those small compromises.

UK home business stop


Working at home shouldn’t be counter-productive. Rather, it should be as productive as when you’re in a proper office. Treat it that way, and your UK home business will surely succeed.

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