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What is the Purpose of Your Business?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your business has a purpose. It has a reason why it exists and why you keep building it. The question now is: What is that purpose?

Is it to make money?

This one is quite obvious. Ultimately, people want to make money. So, they start businesses. Making money is a given; it’s every business person’s goal.

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Here is my follow-up question to that: Is that all?

If making money is everything for you, this is what will likely happen. Since you want to milk the most money out of your business, maybe some day you’ll want to cut employee benefits. Or worse, even their salaries. You may also stop caring about the quality of your products. Just as long as people buy, then it’s all good.

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See what happens?

You lose empathy. You stop caring about the people who work for you and for the people you serve. That’s very bad business.



What if you had a different purpose statement?

If you’re a graphic design business, how about “promoting good brand awareness through simple yet meaningful logo designs“?

Or if you have an online store that sells custom-designed shirts, how about “promoting positivity throughout the community with inspirational shirt designs?”

Or let’s say you have a restaurant. How about “allowing people to unwind from a busy workday through good food and good company”?

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If your business has these kinds of purpose statements, you will surely do things differently.

You will care more about your customers and employees. You’ll make sure that you give out the best products and services that you can. In turn, your customers will trust you and keep coming back. They’ll even bring more people in next time. And your employees will always be happy to work with you, since the work they do now has significance.

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And of course, the money will follow.

Just keep your business focused on achieving its purpose. The money will soon come to you, before you even know it.


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What is the Purpose of Your Business?
Article Name
What is the Purpose of Your Business?
Whether you're aware of it or not, your business has a purpose. Want to know what it is? This will help you find out.

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