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Choose Products with Recurring Billings on Clickbank

As a Clickbank affiliate, you can choose to promote any product in the affiliate marketplace. If it has good stats, is within your niche, and offers high commissions, then you can take advantage of it. I also mentioned before that digital products can be great for affiliates to boost their earnings from commissions.


But there is another thing that can boost your earnings on Clickbank.

Clickbank UK commissions

Have you noticed something about many products? Customers only need to buy them once, and that’s it. They can choose to buy another one if they want to, but the chances of that are small. Unless it’s a consumable necessity product, like bread, fruit, milk, or other such things, customers are not likely to buy the same product again in the short term.

Some products on Clickbank, though, have the feature of recurring billings. These products are not one-time purchases; rather, they function like subscription plans. To get full use of the product, customers need to pay a recurring fee, which is usually billed monthly.


Recurring billings can only mean one thing for affiliates.

That thing is more commissions! You are certain to get a cut of the monthly billings as well.

The question now is: How do you know which products have recurring billings? Well, that’s easy. In the affiliate marketplace, just look for products with this icon (encircled):

Clickbank UK recurring billings

Usually, these products are training courses, which distribute content piece by piece at regular schedules. Also, these are mostly digital products, so that means they have really good commissions.


As a Clickbank affiliate, choose your products wisely, so you can maximise your earnings. Clickbank’s extensive selection of products allows you to do exactly that. Take full advantage of it.


And there’s still another way to boost your Clickbank profits. This infographic tells you about it.


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