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SCAMWATCH: Avoid this Kind of Affiliate Marketing Scam

A few weeks ago, I talked about three red flags you should watch out for when joining affiliate networks. What I haven’t told you about there is another type of scam, which can be quite obvious but some people still get duped. 

This kind of scam takes your money straight away. The moment you join, you will have already lost some cash.

affiliate marketing scam


That’s how nefarious this sort of scam is. As usual, there’s the promise of a big income, fast money, etc. They draw you into it. And once you’re convinced, they don’t have to steal your personal information to get your money. You could willingly give your money to them.


What am I talking about? It’s the “Pay to Join” scam.

affiliate marketing scam pay to join


As the name implies, before you can join these fake affiliate networks, they charge you a fee. If you don’t pay up, you “lose your chance at a six-figure income” or something along those lines.

What do you get for paying the fee? Nothing. Well, you do get access to the “full features” of the network, but nothing else. You don’t get any training, any starter kits, or whatever to get you going. Sometimes you even find out that you have to pay more to get such training materials. They just keep charging and charging you, with almost nothing to show for it.


Do take note, though, that these scams are different from legitimate membership websites.

how to create your own product


Membership sites are usually offered as a premium feature for some online businesses. They don’t oblige you to join the site; they would only say that you can get lots of additional stuff when you become a member. And if it’s indeed legitimate, they tell you the truth. They give you the specifics of what you can get when you become a member: benefits, discounts, perks, special offers, etc. Of course, they’ll also tell you how much you need to pay right there and then.

And for most membership sites, there’s only one fee – and while it may be recurring monthly or yearly, it’s the only fee. Once you’ve paid and have become a member of the site, you get all the features for no additional cost. The site may sell you some affiliate products, but that’s about it. You have nothing more to pay.

But if you come across something that keeps on asking you to pay and pay and pay as you go along, that should ring a bell. More often than not, it’s a scam. Don’t get duped; stay away.


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