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Avoid Unsecured WiFi to Secure Your Online Self

Having an online business in the UK certainly has its perks. You can have a flexible schedule, and you can work anywhere you want. You can run the business from home, or even while you’re traveling in another country. Thanks to the fact that you can access the internet almost anywhere, location doesn’t matter anymore.


But such convenience doesn’t come without risks.

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One really big risk is your security online. Connecting to networks other than your home or office network is in itself dangerous. By doing so, you expose yourself to potential hackers and identity thieves.

Of course, you don’t want to give them an open door to your virtual vault. Your passwords, credit card numbers, and other information are precious, and you’d want to keep them away from prying eyes – both virtual and real eyes – at all times.

How, then, can you secure yourself online when you’re away from home? Here’s one simple thing you can do, but I assure you that it will save you a heap of trouble.



Avoid unsecured (aka “open”) wireless networks.

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Many times you may have come across open WiFi networks – those that don’t require any password to connect. Some of them are even aptly named “Free Public WiFi” or something similar.

A big part of your brain may be telling you, “Hey, free WiFi! Now’s your chance!” Don’t trust it. By connecting to open WiFi, you’re opening a Pandora’s box worth of misfortunes.

This is because any information you send through an open network isn’t encrypted. In other words, anyone connected to that network can “see” that information in its original, unscrambled form. And that’s a big cyber security disaster.

If you so much as log in to your email account, hackers can easily grab your username and password. Imagine how much damage they can do if they get hold of the login details for your bank account.

Scary right? With that in mind, just say no to open wireless networks. Just no. It will save you loads of headaches.



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It’s never worth it to compromise your online security outside.

That’s especially true when accessing your bank account, or withdrawing your earnings from affiliate marketing. It’s always best to do that in your home network. It’s really hard to tell what’s tracking your information and activity these days. So whenever you’re outside, as much as possible, avoid accessing your financial systems for the time being.

But if you must, then get a MiFi or use your phone’s data to connect to the internet. It’s more private, since you’re the only one connected to the network. No one else can snoop around.


Be safe around the internet, especially when you’re away. That’s part of how to succeed in your online business!


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