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Why Split Testing is Important

In a previous article, I mentioned why you should have more than one affiliate link. It involves split testing, which allows you to experiment with different ways of marketing to your clients.


But what is split testing all about, really?

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In a nutshell, it’s about creating different marketing methods, and comparing the results against each other. The objective is to find out which is the best method; in other words, the one that gets the most profits.

You can test different variables, like page design, calls to action, social media platforms, target demographics, and even the timing of posts. For example, you wanted to know if a different call to action increases conversion rate. To test this, you can duplicate your original landing page, but the new one has a different call to action. For example:

  • Original landing page: “Get your copy now!”
  • Duplicate landing page: “Don’t pass up your chance. Order a copy today!”

Once that’s done, you can then split the traffic such that half of your customers go to the original landing page, and the other half goes to the duplicate one. You would then monitor the analytics in each landing page, particularly conversion rates. The landing page with the higher conversion rate wins. If that happens to be the page with the different call to action, you have just proven your theory.

You can then get rid of the original landing page in favour of the new one.



[sc name=”mbtebook” ]




But proving your point is not the end of it all.

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Of course, trends can change, and sometimes they change rather quickly. The moment you notice your conversion rates dropping again, it’s time for another round of split testing. This time, though, try testing for another variable.

Going back to the above example, you’ve already tested the effect of a different call to action. For the second test, perhaps you should evaluate the effect of page design. So this time, you can create a landing page with, say, a different colour scheme. Or you could even change the position of the call to action. Changing the fonts and font sizes may even have a surprising effect.


The idea is to consistently improve your marketing strategy. That’s how business works: when you adapt and innovate, you will get ahead.


One other thing to optimise in online marketing is keywords. You may use short tail and long tail keywords, and as you’ll see in this infographic, each has its uses.


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