There’s more to life even after reaching your prime. There are still a lot of opportunities in store for you than you could possibly imagine. One of which is running your own successful online business.

If you feel hopeless to find work, want to earn additional income or desire a shift of career, having your own home based business may do well for you. Regardless of your age, it’s not too late to start an online business in the UK.

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To inspire you and keep your hopes high in starting your venture, I’m giving you a few examples of famous personalities, who started their businesses after reaching 50.

Colonel Sanders



Who doesn’t know this man? He is the reason why we have the finger-lickin’ good chicken. He is the founder of world-renowned fast food chain, KFC.

Los Angeles USA - July 18 2010: Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Restaurant Fast Food in Los Angeles downtown. KFC is a Fast Food Restaurant Chain that specializes in Fried Chicken

His story proves that age is not a hindrance in attaining success. He was already in his 60’s when his signature chicken dish named as “Kentucky Fried Chicken” became a top-selling item. Further, he was already in his 70’s when his chicken became a massive hit paving the way to open more than 600 restaurants across US and Canada.   

Ray Kroc

Another prominent name in the fast food business is Ray Kroc. He first joined McDonald’s when he was already in his 50’s. He later on purchased McDonald’s in 1961 and developed it to be the world’s largest restaurant franchise before he died at the age of 81. His breakthrough happened after he celebrated his 50th birthday.

Ferdinand Porsche

He is the founder of the luxury car company, Porsche, in 1931 when he was already about 56 years old. One of his first designs was the Volkswagen.

Charles Flint

He is the reason behind the establishment of Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company or more commonly known as IBM in 1911. During this year, he was already 61 years old. 


Gordon Bowker

He is the person responsible for our well-loved perk-me-up macchiato, cappuccino, and frappuccino in tall, grande and venti sizes. He is man behind the coffee giant, Starbucks.

At 51 years old, Bowker, together with his partners, founded Starbucks. He got his inspiration when he met somebody, who earned a lot of money by selling coffee. He eventually opened the first Starbucks store in Seattle.

Indianapolis - November 2015: Starbucks Retail Coffee Store.

The above stories are testaments that as long as you have the drive, the passion, the guts, and the effort to start a business or start an online business in the UK, nothing can stop you even if you’ve already hit past 50.

Be Your Own Boss

Your age must not be the reason to stop you in opening a home based business or any business in the United Kingdom for that matter. In fact, your age must be your reminder that you have gone through so much in life already. With these experiences, you have already gained wisdom that will help you make sound business decisions.

With all these said, it’s really never too late to start a home based business!!!

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