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AUTHOR’S PICK: Starting an Online Business in the UK on Clickbank: Picking Products

It’s time for another Author’s Pick weekend!

This week, we will talk about a few UK home business ideas that you can do online. These are:

  1. Writing articles
  2. Clickbank

Yesterday, we talked about how you can earn passive income from writing articles. You can read it here.

Today, we will talk about using Clickbank to find products for starting an online business in the UK.

starting an online business in the UK


One way of starting an online business in the UK is through being a clickbank affiliate.

So how exactly do you make money from becoming an affiliate of clickbank? When you endorse a product of a third-party seller, you get a percentage every time a customer buys through your link. This makes a very easy idea for starting an online business in the UK.


However, an affiliate’s job might be overwhelming. With 10,000 products offering a hefty commission, you don’t know which products to promote. You will have a hard time going through all 10,000 products to determine what to choose and which ones will give you high profits. In fact, you have to put in long hours just to assess all the products on clickbank. To make your life easier, you have to learn the techniques to be a successful affiliate.

So what are the techniques in choosing the right products on clickbank?

uk online business

A tip for you is to narrow down the products by looking at the categories.

For example, you’re interested in wine. You can view the category “food, wine or cooking.” Upon clicking it, you will encounter a bunch of products on every page and you can select a specific product that appeals to you.


Read the rest of the article here.


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