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2 Stress Busters for Home Workers [Infographic]

Today’s Wednesday Infographic is about dealing with stress when working at home. It’s quite important, because without your mind in good shape, you can’t lead your UK home business to success!

Working at home is great. For one, you control your working hours. You can start whatever time you want to. Also, you don’t even have to travel to an office. No need to endure the rush hour traffic every single day. It allows you to work almost stress-free.

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I did say “almost”, because working at home also does have its drawbacks. Have you heard of the saying “familiarity breeds contempt”? That’s one of the drawbacks: You stay in exactly the same environment every single day, whether you work or not. Soon enough, you could get tired of seeing and being in your own house. Instead of being a source of comfort, your house became a source of stress! Not good, especially if you run a UK home business!

Also, there’s the stress of spending too much time in front of the computer. If you’re working, you’re in front of a computer. If you’re not working, most of the time, you’re still in front of the computer, checking social media, watching videos, reading the news, or playing games. That does take a toll on your eyes, as well as your brain. And that may trickle down into your UK home business, affecting its performance negatively.

So then, how do you deal with the stress of working at home? The infographic below sums it up quite easily.


keep sane for your UK home business stress busters


Changing your environment is indeed something. It gives you something new to work with, which is refreshing. It breaks the monotony of your routine at home, and gives you something to look forward to each week. Of course, choose a place that’s conducive for work, not somewhere with too many distractions close by. And if your UK home business is online, you’ll need a place with good WiFi; otherwise, bring your own MiFi or use the LTE/4G connection from your phone.

Then, once everything is done and dusted for the day, shut down your computer. I mean really shut it down – not just put it to sleep or close the lid – and do something else. Ride your bike, take a walk in the park, play with your kids, take your wife out to dinner, invite a friend over to your house, those sorts of things. Stuff that doesn’t involve the computer are your best stress reliever at the end of your productive day.

Come back on Friday for the second instalment of our infographic series for this week. Maximising your productivity at home is what you can look forward to!


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