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Top 8 Resolutions for Success this 2017

It’s a bit late, but happy new year to all! Time for another fresh start. Let’s leave the past behind us. Everything that hindered your success, don’t take them with you into this year.


Since it’s also the time for new year’s resolutions, how about setting some for yourself? I’m quite sure you want to succeed this 2017. And the best time to commit yourself to success is now. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of eight principles you can apply for yourself this year, starting today.


1.  Don’t let the fear take over

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Fear is a natural human response to danger or risk. In fact, fear protects you from many situations that could seriously harm you. But taken to the extreme, fear cripples you. It may prevent you from doing everything necessary to lead your UK home business to success. If you let fear get the better of you, even the small stuff will weigh you down. In turn, you will make more bad decisions.

This 2017, let go of those unfounded fears. Don’t allow them to get in the way of your success. As Eleanor Roosevelt said,

Do one thing every day that scares you.

Once you go ahead and do it, you’ll be surprised at what you can do. Overcoming those little fears lets you achieve more.


2.  Set achievable goals

I’ve already talked about how important goals are to the success of your UK home business. They give you a definite path to take, and specific targets to hit. But of course, those goals have to be realistic as well. It’s all right to dream big, surely. But when it comes to this, setting impossible goals will only leave you frustrated later on. Your goals should follow the SMART guidelines:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Realistic
  5. Time-bound

Structure your goals around these five guidelines. Like any aspect of business, goal setting must also be organised and systematic.


3.  Thinking is good, but overthinking is not

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Planning and setting goals are always good things to do when running your business. But there must always be a balance between the planning and the doing. Ever heard of the term analysis paralysis? That’s what happens when there is too much planning but too little doing. Overthinking will paralyse you and your team, and in the end you’ll get nothing done. But if you do something, your business moves forward.


4.  Focus

When you’re working on your business, just keep working on it. Take away all those unneeded distractions. Turn off those social media notifications. Put your phone on silent mode. Avoid chatting with your friends while working. Tell your family not to disturb you during your working hours, especially if you’re working from home. The more focused you are on what you need to do, the faster you’ll get them done. In turn, you’ll have more time for the other stuff.


5.  Discipline

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Succeeding in your UK home business requires more than just motivation and inspiration. It also requires a good deal of discipline. Let’s face the reality: there will be tasks that you need to do that you never “feel like doing”. It’s those utterly mundane tasks like filling in spreadsheets, doing inventory, answering customer emails, and such. It’s nearly impossible to “motivate” yourself into doing things you know are boring.

What’s the solution then? Just do them. Have the sense that you need to get these things done to succeed. If you don’t, then also don’t be surprised if your business fails. Even if you’re not “inspired”, do them anyway. Soon enough, you’ll be able to say “no sweat” to these mundane, but necessary, tasks.


6.  Moderate your greed

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Indeed, a huge part of doing business is making money. But if you focus all your energy on making money alone, and nothing else, frustration will kick in sooner than you expect. What if you do make a lot of money, but your customers don’t like your products anyway? That means your income is short-lived, and you won’t make as much money afterwards. No customers, no income.

Business is not just about making money; it is also about providing great value to your customers. It’s a two-way street: if you provide quality products and services, your customers will trust you, and they will bring in more customers to you. You make money, and at the same time, you make your customers happy. In turn, you make more money, because more customers come to you.

If your business always gives a smile to people’s faces, then it’s already a success. Do a good job, and the money will follow.


7.  Delegate more to your team

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If you have people working for you, then give them things to do. You cannot do everything on your own. That’s the reason why your team is there. Delegate tasks to them according to what they do best, and your business will be running more smoothly. Your job is to do what you do best, not to do everything. Let your team take care of the rest.


8.  Kindness goes a long way

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Your employees are the reason your business is running, so treat them well. They are people, not machines. They have needs too, just like yourself. They get stressed too, just as you do. So cut them some slack. But of course don’t allow them to grow lazy. Be kind to those working for you, but also command respect from them.


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Top 8 Resolutions for Success this 2017
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Top 8 Resolutions for Success this 2017
Are you setting any new year's resolutions for 2017? How about adding these 8 principles for the success of your UK home business?

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