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Saturday Biz Tip: Short vs. Long Tail Keywords

In affiliate marketing, one of the things you have to deal with is keywords. This is where a lot of competition takes place, and finding the right keywords can mean greater revenues for you.

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2 Guidelines for Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams [Video]

Get rich quick scams still abound, even on the Internet. It’s even inched its way into the world of affiliate marketing, and that’s a bad thing. Especially if you’re planning to become an affiliate.

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Avoid Unsecured WiFi to Secure Your Online Self

Having an online business in the UK certainly has its perks. You can have a flexible schedule, and you can work anywhere you want. You can run the business from home, or even while you’re traveling in another country. Thanks to the fact that you can access the internet almost anywhere, location doesn’t matter anymore.

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Sunday Biz Tip: 3 Incentives to Use in Affiliate Marketing

Last time, I discussed why you should use incentives in affiliate marketing. They can be really powerful tools to convince people to buy from your affiliate link.

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Saturday Biz Tip: 3 Reasons for Affiliates to Promote Digital Products

Digital products, like ebooks, video compilations, and audio material, are great products to promote for affiliate marketers. And it’s ideal today, since we can do most things over the internet anyway.

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Why Should Your Landing Pages be Mobile-Friendly? [Video]

As you may have read before, mobile traffic takes up a huge percentage of internet activity today. People can do most everything just with their phones, from reading the news to booking a flight.

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Why Should You Ask Your Customers for Testimonials?

Remember how product reviews can help you as an affiliate? The idea is to educate people and make them trust the product, because they trust you. That’s the power of social proof.

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Why Should You Use Targeted Traffic?

When you’re an affiliate marketer with your own website, traffic is your best friend. The more visitors your site has, the more potential customers you have. But not all traffic is beneficial.

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Content Idea for Affiliates: Product Reviews [Video]

As an affiliate, it’s good to have a lot of knowledge about your chosen niche. This means you can write a lot of useful content about it, and establish yourself as an authority in that niche. But what kind of content should you write?

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Why Affiliates Should Use Long-Tail Keywords

Sometimes it can be tough to make sales in affiliate marketing. Of course, you can’t expect everyone who sees your offer to buy the product. You have to get clever to get conversions.

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