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Affiliate Marketing is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme!

You may have heard of a lot of “home business ideas” in the UK out there that promise you can get rich quick. They promise so much money for so little effort. Of course, they never work, and only those who came in first can make money. But affiliate marketing is not one of them. Read more

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2 Kinds of Product Reviews You Can Write

A few days ago, you learned about why you should write product reviews, as well as their non-negotiable elements. Now, it’s time to tell you about two different types of product reviews you can write.

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3 Non-Negotiables When Writing Product Reviews

In a previous article, I gave 3 reasons why affiliate marketers in the UK should write product reviews. It’s a good way to get more of your audience to buy your affiliate products. Also, it educates them about the product.

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5 Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing in the UK [Infographic]

Have you ever asked the question, “Is affiliate marketing right for me?” Certainly some of you may have that question in mind. It’s a good thing to ask that, and you came to the right place.

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4 “How” Questions To Ask When Finding an Affiliate Marketing Niche [Infographic]

Even in affiliate marketing, finding a niche is still an important first step. But if you’ve visited any affiliate marketplace, such as that of Clickbank UK, you’ll find a lot of different categories for products, and thus a lot of possible affiliate marketing niches.

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3 Compelling Reasons to Write Product Reviews

If you’re a UK affiliate marketer, imagine yourself as a customer for a minute. Before you buy something online, what’s the first thing you’re likely to do?

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3 Reasons for Affiliates to Promote Digital Products

Let’s say you have just joined an affiliate marketplace such as Clickbank UK. You would then browse through the marketplace to find products to promote. But you find out that there are just so many! Now what?

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3 of the Best UK Affiliate Marketing Networks to Join [Video]

TGIF! In today’s video, I’ll give you additional tips to start off with affiliate marketing. Specifically, three of the best affiliate networks to join in the UK.

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Top 4 Ways to Earn From Clickbank UK On Your Site

Yesterday, we talked about the 5 steps of getting started with affiliate marketing. One of the platforms I mentioned was Clickbank UK, so today, I’m giving you some tips for making money using it. Read more