Make Yourself Visible Online With State Of The Art Website Design

Before, people use the internet, mainly for information and recreation. They skim through the internet pages to research or to mingle with people from all parts of the globe. Way back then, this is a phenomenal breakthrough. Imagine, with just one click, the information superhighway has been made open for you. Read more

2 Tips for Better Readability [VIDEO]

In the world of online marketing, content is still king. But with so much content available online, yours has to stand out from the rest. One great way to have your content stand out is through good readability.

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Write Now, Edit Later

It’s another Monday morning. You’ve had your cup of coffee, and you’re ready to write a post for your site. Off to a great start! But a few minutes in, and you find yourself stuck in the middle of things. Could it be just another case of writer’s block? Or is it something else?

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3 Essential Elements of Good Marketing Videos

Video is perhaps the most engaging tool you can use for content marketing in the UK. It stimulates both vision and hearing, capturing people’s full attention. In fact, 87% of online marketers today use video, based on a report by Hyperfine Media. Therefore, you should take advantage of it now more than ever.

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Sunday Biz Tip: Spice Up Your Content [Infographic]

When you’re doing content marketing in the UK, there are many options to choose from. Certainly, writing articles may be the easiest thing to do, but it isn’t the only way. There are other kinds of content as well, each with their own merits.

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Saturday Biz Tip: 4 Tips for Better Social Media Posts [Infographic]

Social media can be your best friend when it comes to content marketing in the UK. Twitter, Facebook, and others are convenient platforms to spread the word about your content. But of course, the more you use it, it could get boring. But there is a way to stay relatable.

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To Make It On Reddit, You Must Be Relevant

Reddit – also known as “the front page of the internet”. This is mostly where hot, viral internet phenomena happen first. Someone on reddit stumbles upon something good, shares it on the site, and it explodes. Before you know it, nearly the entire world wide web is talking about that something. With that sort of power, why not also use it for your online business, right?

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Sunday Biz Tip: Creating Infographics with Impact [Infographic]

Infographics are powerful tools every content marketer in the UK should use. Since they’re visual, they’re more engaging, and people will pay more attention to them than a regular article or blog post. Still, there are many bad infographics in the web today, and you would want to avoid making a bad one yourself.

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Saturday Biz Tip: Don’t Create These 3 Kinds of “Con-tent” [Infographic]

To be a good content marketer in the UK, of course you need high quality content. They should add value to anyone who sees them. If they don’t, they fall under “con-tent”. Wait what? What’s “con-tent”?

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Content Marketing Is Not Just About Blogging

Content marketing isn’t dead in 2017. It can still be a useful technique for your online business in the UK. As long as the internet exists, content will always have its place. People will continue scouring the web for the best content that satisfies their curiosities.

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