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Choose Products with Recurring Billings on Clickbank

As a Clickbank affiliate, you can choose to promote any product in the affiliate marketplace. If it has good stats, is within your niche, and offers high commissions, then you can take advantage of it. I also mentioned before that digital products can be great for affiliates to boost their earnings from commissions.

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Saturday Biz Tip: 3 Reasons for Affiliates to Promote Digital Products

Digital products, like ebooks, video compilations, and audio material, are great products to promote for affiliate marketers. And it’s ideal today, since we can do most things over the internet anyway.

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3 Reasons for Affiliates to Promote Digital Products

Let’s say you have just joined an affiliate marketplace such as Clickbank UK. You would then browse through the marketplace to find products to promote. But you find out that there are just so many! Now what?

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