Is Greyhound Racing Just a Hobby For You?

To a lot of punters, greyhound racing is just a hobby. They just bet on it when they have nothing better to do. How about you? Is it just a hobby, or do you see it as something more?

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The Age of a Greyhound Isn’t Everything

One strategy you may have heard of in greyhound racing is this: Pick the older dogs. Because older dogs are more experienced, they stand a better chance of winning. But what if I told you that isn’t always true?

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betting greyhound racing

In Greyhound Racing, Don’t Spread Yourself Thin

Note: The Two Trap Greyhound System is a product of MyBizTips.


There are lots of greyhound races to choose from. There’s always more than one racetrack, and more than one race per track. So it’s somehow tempting to just bet on as many as you can.

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In Greyhound Racing, It Isn’t Just About the Greyhound

Note: The Two Trap Greyhound System is a product of MyBizTips.


If you’re like the typical punter in greyhound racing, you’re only looking at the dogs. How fast they run, how long they have raced, how many times they’ve won, and other such things.

But it isn’t just about the greyhounds. Read more

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This is Why You Should Not Be a Perfectionist

Perhaps you have that friend who’s a proper perfectionist. Let’s refer to that friend as Frank. Although Frank produces great work almost every time, there’s something you can notice about him.

Frank stresses over even very small details. Starting a task takes a lot of effort for him. And finishing a task takes him almost forever. He likes to think, but often he thinks far too much. Often, Frank gets worried about things that no one else would be concerned about.

As the famous saying goes…


Perfect is the enemy of done.

That’s why Frank takes too long to finish his work. He always finds something he can tweak, and he’ll never stop until he gets the task done “perfectly”. I guess you can see the problem here.

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Perfectionism causes this infinite loop: Find a mistake, tweak, re-check, find another “mistake”, tweak, re-check, find yet another “mistake”, and so on. It will never end.

Frank is stuck in that cycle. He has to escape that, otherwise his productivity continues to suffer. And the only way for him to escape it is to realise one important thing.


You can never do anything perfectly.

As humans, none of us are perfect. In turn, none of us can do perfect work. What’s important is doing things excellently.


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Excellent does not mean perfect.

It means doing things with your best efforts.

Perfectionists like Frank find it quite hard to both start and finish tasks. They get stuck figuring out the “perfect” plan before starting. Also, they get stuck in the tweaking loop until they make the “perfect” product.

But what if Frank focused on excellence instead? Well, he will find it easier to start a task, and he will finish it much faster too. He will not be stressed by overthinking. His productivity will soar.

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Same thing goes in business. You don’t have to make the perfect product or the perfect business plan. Just make the best one you can, and improve as you go along.

In Greyhound Racing, this principle applies as well!

Although strategy is important, trying to figure out a “perfect” strategy will just ruin the fun. And because of that, the Two Trap Greyhound System is great to have. The system already gives you the winning strategies, so you can focus on having fun in the races. Not only that, the system ensures that you win consistently!

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In Greyhound Racing, High Risk Produces High Reward

I’ve mentioned before that betting on the greyhound races carries some risk. Of course, you aren’t absolutely certain if you’ll win or not. Like the stock market or forex, you aren’t really sure if prices and rates will go up or down. But it carries yet another similarity with the stock market.

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Wise Punters in Greyhound Racing Keep This in Mind

If you’re a regular punter in greyhound racing, then perhaps you know this situation. You want so desperately to win, so you bet as much as you can. Still, the win doesn’t come. So you bet more, and more, and more, and more.

Next thing you know, you’ve run your bank account dry. And still no wins. Now what?

Here’s the big mistake: You’ve bet more than you can handle.

Remember that betting in the greyhound races carries some risk. And because of that, you could lose your money. It’s just like the stock market – sometimes it goes up, and sometimes it goes down. In some ways you can win, and other times, you do lose.

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Which is why you should not bet money you cannot afford to lose.

It is never a good idea to bet all of your life savings on anything. Your emergency cash should be as it is – for emergencies only. Is betting on the greyhound races an emergency? Certainly not. Otherwise, what would happen if you chance upon a proper emergency? If you don’t have money then, you’ll be looking at a lot of trouble.

Be wise. Don’t go bankrupt as a punter.


But if you enjoy being a punter so much, there is a way to vastly improve your chances of winning. The Two Trap Greyhound System will save you all of the trouble, because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Statistics, winning strategies, and most everything you need to consistently win your bets. Order yours now! Stop gambling and start trading today.

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How Not to Lose Money in the Greyhound Races

Betting on greyhound racing without any strategy is bound to make you lose money. Of course this is bad news for anyone, especially if your goal is to make money here. So is there a way to not lose money?

While there is no absolutely foolproof method, there are some things you should be on the lookout for. When you know what to avoid, you’ll not make those bad snap decisions. In turn, you won’t lose a lot of cash.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to not lose money in the races.



Choose the young pups


While it may be counterintuitive, since young pups are less experienced, this is actually a good idea. Here’s why: young greyhounds that have completed 20 or so races are improving as they go along. They learn how to round the bends more easily, how to trap better, etc. And since they’re young, they have a lot of stamina and agility. With these, young pups can outrun the older, more experienced greyhounds.

Keep your eyes on those young ones, and put your money on them. Likely this strategy will prove to be very profitable for you.

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Pick greyhounds that have raced recently


In greyhound racing, it’s always wise to look at the track record of a dog you’re putting money on. But the number of wins and how many races ran aren’t the only things to look out for. Equally important is how recent the dog’s last race was. If the dog has not joined a race for several weeks, likely it has just recovered from illness or injury. In turn, that dog may not be at its best during this race. Likely this dog would not win, even if it has great form all throughout its career.


Don’t punt on every single race


Quite obviously, this is a recipe for bankruptcy. While there are many greyhound races out in the open, you can’t expect to win on everything. Punting on every single race will drain your cash very quickly. Besides, there are lots of races to choose from each year. There is no need to rush. Learn to pace yourself, and adjust your strategy as you go along.

Also, if you’re a punter who’s too zealous, you may think doing this is a good idea to cut your losses. Truth is it isn’t. It will only lead to more losses, and more disappointment.

Bottom line is, do your due diligence. Study the strategies involved, so you can know how to make money in greyhound racing.

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But if you haven’t got the time or patience for that, there is a better way. The Two Trap Greyhound System will save you all of the trouble, because we’ve done it for you. Statistics, winning strategies, and most everything you need to consistently win your bets. Order yours now! Stop gambling and start trading today.

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Are You Into Greyhound Racing?


Betting on Greyhounds also involves some strategy.

You have to consider several variables, such as pedigree, previous race performance, form, and many others. Each of them influences the possible outcomes of a race. Blind betting will get you nowhere. So if you are into greyhound racing and wants to stop gambling and start trading, read more to find out how we can help you…

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This is How to Win More in the Greyhound Races

Watching Greyhound races is a popular hobby in the UK. And with it comes the betting. As it is a game of chance, you win some, you lose some. But if you keep on losing, there must be something wrong.

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